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Today’s hotels are facing an increase in rapidly developing technology and ever more demanding customers. But what do we expect the guest of 2020 to look like and what technology do hoteliers need to have in order to keep up with the changing guest expectations?

To answer these questions, three top hospitality technology companies partnered with Peter O’Connor from ESSEC Business School and surveyed hundreds of leading hoteliers from across the world. We asked their opinion on the future of hotel technology and what they thought the industry of 2020 would look like. During last year's WTM in London we hosted a roundtable meeting to present the results and had some great discussions with industry leaders on the topic.
The Hotel Industry of 2020
Watch our on-demand webinar now to learn the findings and conclusions from the research

In this FREE webinar we:
  • Share and discuss the findings from our survey results
  • Forecast what we expect from hotel technology in the future
  • Look at what technology has the biggest impact on the guest experience
  • Examine the key barriers currently limiting the better use of technology by hotels
                        Our expert speaker:
Peter O’Connor, Ph.D. is Professor of Information Systems at Essec Business School, where he also serves as Director of the Global MBA and the MBA in Hospitality Management. His research, teaching and consulting interests focus on technology, distribution, e-commerce and e-marketing particularly applied to the hospitality sector. He previously held a visiting position at the Cornell Hotel School, and worked in a variety of positions within hospitality.